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  • Bucket Forks - Make your Tractor a Multi Purpose Tool
    There is a bucket fork attachment for every task!

    1. Debris Fork
    2. Ultra Fork
    3. Bale Spear
    4. Pallet Forks
    5. Tooth Bar
    6. Top Bucket Hitch Receiver
    7. Video

    Get more use from your tractor or skid steer loader by adding interchangeable clamp-on bucket forks, tooth bars and receiver hitches. There is a bucket fork attachment for every task.

    Debris Fork

    Debris forks are a versatile tool used for all kinds of jobs including picking up trash, removing shrubs, spreading manure and moving silage. The photo also shows a universal quick attach clamp-on system. The clamps attach right to the front edge of the bucket fork. These same clamps are also used for attaching interchangeable pallet forks and hay bale spears.

    bucket fork

    Ultra Fork

    The 7 Spear Ultra Fork from IAM MFG (shown in the photo) is a new and unique bucket fork. It fits all tractor and skid steer loader bucket forks and comes with 7 adjustable, spaceable, replaceable heavy duty forged spears.

    bucket fork

    These bucket forks are great for picking up a wide variety of loads like:

    • Hay Bales
    • Pallets
    • Manure
    • Debris
    • Shrubs
    • Silage
    • Trash
    Bale Spear

    Hay bale spears for round or square hay bales allow you to buy the larger bales and move them into big hay bale feeders, keeping the hay off the ground and saving you money. This picture shows a round bale spear style of bucket forks.

    hay bale spear

    Click here to see information on both square and round bale hay feeders.

    Pallet Forks

    Pallet forks easily move around anything that comes on a pallet. These forks are very handy for receiving large items that come by freight truck when you don't have a loading dock. With clamp on bucket forks you can easily receive items as large as cattle guards.

    clamp-on loader forks

    Tooth Bar

    Tooth bars come with adjustable, spaceable, replaceable bucket teeth.

    bucket fork

    This tooth bar bucket fork easily attaches to your bucket with just two (2) chains and binders. Simply measure the inside width of your bucket, cut the tooth bar to the right size and bolt on the chain bars. Most farmers, hobby farmers and ranchers keep these types of chains and binders on hand.

    Top Bucket Hitch Receiver

    A top bucket hitch receiver is a real multi-purpose tool that can lift up to 2,000 lbs. The hitch shown has a standard 2" receiver hitch, 2 safety hooks and 8 holes for clevis pins.

    Top bucket hitch receiver

    Top bucket hitch receivers are used for picking up, pulling and moving:

    • Trailers
    • Boats
    • Trees
    • Logs
    • Posts

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